Abroad Interview | Hiring for Heavy Duty Fitter in Australia

Abroad Interview Hiring for Heavy Duty Fitter in Australia

Abroad Interview | Recruit for the newest positions in Australia. Heavy Duty Fitter for Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Komastu Mining in Australia Urgently Needed. Indians have a huge opportunity. There are numerous openings. All applicants should have at least five years of relevant experience working in the Gulf and meet the necessary qualifications for the positions they are applying for. The company offers top-notch salaries as well as other crucial amenities. To the email address supplied by the organization, all interested candidates should send their resumes and any other pertinent documents.

Job Title:

01Excavator: Hitachi EX 3600, EX 3800
02Dump / Haul Truck: CAT 785, CAT 789, Hitachi EH 3500 & EH 3000.
03Grader: CAT 16 m, CAT 24 m.
04Buldozer: CAT D10, CAT D11, Kamatsu 475.
05Blast Hole Surface: CAT 6240, CAT 6250.

Workplace Location: Australia

Job Overview:

Experience: All Candidates should have 5+ Yrs. of Experience in Open Pit / Surface, & Experience in Breakdown Maintenance.

Eligibility: All Candidates must have Qualifications relevant to their Positions.

Salary Detail: Attractive Salaries: INR 4.5+ Lakh per months. along with other essential facilities are provided by the Company.

Job Preference: Candidates from Any Region of India.

Employment Type: Full Time.

Job Paper:

Abroad Interview  Hiring for Heavy Duty Fitter in Australia

Employing Organization:

Name of the Organization: Orion International Recruitment

Address: 5-E, 1st Floor, Lane No 5, Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

Contact: +91 8448698334 / +91 9540387872

Email: jobs@orionsecureir.com

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